SLDC partners with Parisi Speed School!

May 4, 2018

SLDC and Parisi

Spring Lake Day Camp is bringing the PARISI Speed School in Franklin Lakes to camp this summer. Mitchell Kessler, SLDC owner, feels that creating programs to help develop balance, quickness, speed, and agility will benefit all children no matter which team or individual sport they wish to focus on.

SLDC and Parisi share the ideals of professional instruction which offers campers well rounded programs to increase flexibility, improve coordination and boost speed. Every child will gain confidence and resilience when working on improving their personal best.

We are excited for the new partnership with Parisi, offering an 8 week program to our campers with the expertise and instruction of Parisi staff. Enriching the lives of children is a big responsibility which the camp takes seriously. All children deserve an environment that will ignite imaginations, discover passions and allow them to “Dream Big”. Our program of swim, sports, arts, adventure ropes, special events, travel and more are blended together help campers develop character, community and confidence. At Spring Lake Day Camp you can start with us and stay with us. Campers range from 3 to 15 and then go on to become staff thru college and beyond. The “SLDC EXPERIENCE IS TRULY PRICELESS”!