Summer Camp Friends = Friends for All Seasons | Spring Lake Day Camp

January 7, 2021

If someone were to ask me for a song that I consider to be a true “summer camp anthem,” my response would be “You’ve Got a Friend” sung by James Taylor and written by Carole King. I truly feel this song sums up the passion, pride and purpose of summer camp.  It encompasses the true meaning of being part of a “camp family” and expresses the relationships formed over the summer. Camp relationships are built to last a lifetime..  

“You just call out my name,

And you know wherever I am,

I’ll come running,

To see you again.

Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall,

All you have to do is call,

And I’ll be there,

You’ve got a friend.”

A beautiful snow covered camp!
April showers sure do bring May flowers at SLDC! Spring @ SLDC
Summer aerial picture of the lake!
The Fall foliage @ SLDC is always stunning!

Now more than ever we need to be reminded of the power of honesty, friendships, and understanding. After the difficulties and isolation of the past year, we are more aware of the importance of making connections with the people around us. Camp provides a perfect opportunity to form these bonds. Camp friends transcend all relationships and last a lifetime. When I was a camper at Leonard – Leonore and then Camp Equinunk – Blue Ridge, this was the song that bonded our community. Now, as the owner and director of SLDC, this song bridges generations and serves as a reminder to always be kind.  

Springlakefully yours,

Mitchell Kessler

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