Don’t take our word for it, listen to our camp families:

“I just wanted to let you personally know what a fantastic time both of my kids had at SLDC.

“For Willow, it was a summer of huge growth in many ways. She surprised us all the other day when she told us she passed the deep water test on her first attempt. Her social skills really got a chance to shine this summer, being in such a great group of good kids with supportive counselors. Hearing how she paddle-boarded standing up and ziplined backwards with no hands, really showed me large growth in ‘riskier’ activities, which she has usually shyed away from. Her archery stories and all the artwork she brought home were always pleasant to hear about and see as as well.

“As for Garrett, this was all new for him – the bus ride, this camp, and all the great activities and food that came with it, but he told me in no uncertain terms that this summer was a 10 out of 10. Being a foodie, he tried some new things at camp and loved them, especially the tacos and burgers. Kudos and thanks to the chefs who also got him into both.

“All in all, it was a fantastic summer and want to thank Michelle and Mitchell as well as the staff who make it happen.”

Jason, Glen Rock, NJ

“I just wanted to send a thank you for an incredible summer for Luke. We recently made the decision to move to London for the next 3 years – we’re moving at the end of next week and it’s been a whirlwind. I’ve been concerned with how Luke would handle it, but the fact that he goes to camp every day and is the happiest he’s ever been has been an incredible godsend. We have decided to come home to the states every summer so he and his sister can go to Spring Lake while we’re living abroad. He told us he wants to go all summer next year! I can’t thank you and all your staff enough for what this summer has meant to Luke.”

Katie, Ridgewood, NJ

“We just wanted to truly thank you both for such a wonderful summer. Sydney had THE BEST summer of her life! Spring Lake Day Camp did not disappoint! Every day, she would come more excited than the day before to tell us stories about her counselors, friendships, activities and more. We want to commend you both in all that you do, because after a very difficult year for all of us, this summer was truly a bright light. Thank you again, and we look forward to seeing you again soon in the fall!”

Allison & Jared, Mahwah, NJ

“Thank you so much for a wonderful summer for Maya and Roman. They both had a blast and made amazing new friends whom they are keeping in touch with. I am so thankful to you and the crew at SLDC for helping my family have a ‘normal’ summer. Summer camp memories last a lifetime and you have new fans in our family. Thank you again and we will see you next year!”

Stoker family, Franklin Lakes, NJ

“We wanted to thank you all so very much for all of your hard work this summer. We are very grateful that the kids were able to have a fun, mostly normal and, most important, safe summer! Esther had her best summer at SLDC yet. We look forward to joining you in 2022! XOXO”

Gabay Family, Fair Lawn, NJ

“THANK YOU for this year’s Camp experience. All three boys had such a brilliant time. A lot of sad faces in the household this morning. I even teared up when the bus left yesterday for the last time this summer.

We are so thankful kids were able to enjoy a proper summer of fun in the sun, back with their friends and counselors. It has been a brilliant and vital part getting the boys back into the world and ready for this school year.

You did an amazing job staffing with fantastic bus counselors, camp counselors, and LTPs.

See you in 2022!”

Ross and Lynn, Upper West Side, NYC

“Every morning as the kids get on the bus I thank you and your staff for all the hard work of providing them with an amazing summer during these challenging times! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! #BestSummerEver!!!”

Kate, Upper West Side, NYC

“I don’t think my kids will cry today, but I might! It has been really special for us to see the kids wake up excited to go someplace without us every day. As we wrote to each of the counselors, Sammy NEVER had a complaint. He loved absolutely everything! What a perfect experience to build his confidence and prepare for Kindergarten. And for Ari, she came home saying each day was great. Sammy and Ari LOVED the bus, and they talk about all of the big kids so highly.

It’s been such a pleasure finding a new summer home for my family. Thank you to everyone for doing what you do!”

Erica, Paramus, NJ

“We just wanted to extend our sincere thanks for running such an extraordinary camp. I know, even in pre-Covid times, the normal day to day can’t be easy – let alone in the middle of a pandemic with new safety protocols to navigate, staff, and parent personalities. We, once again, are in awe of your commitment to the kids, the thoughtful and reasonable approach to this summer, and your hands-on presence throughout each day.

Thank you for giving our kids a fantastic (and much needed) normal summer! Now, I hope you both can relax for a bit!”

Stephanie and John, Upper West Side, NYC

“There are simply not enough words that can properly express our sincere gratitude for SLDC. Lexie had ‘the best summer ever’ and she’s grown so much! Every day Lexie would come home sporting a tan and a smile across her face. Every day was better than the last. The big sister balloon/teddy bear gift was so appreciated! It literally brought tears to our eyes and warmed our hearts. We are blessed to be part of the SLDC family. Thank you so much for such a thoughtful gift for Lexie. See you next summer!”

Helen, Wayne, NJ

“We can’t believe tomorrow is the last day of camp for our children. This has been an amazing summer for all three of our kids. They have had the summer of their lives and it is because of you and your amazing camp. Our kids went to camp each day smiling and excited for every new day at camp! Every night we got to hear about the amazing staff and activists they participated in. To see the joy in their faces talking about their day at camp is truly wonderful . They woke up every morning early because they couldn’t wait to get on the bus. SLDC is their summer happy place where they are free to be who they are and not be judged. They are so sad for their summer at SLDC to end. We are already counting down the days to next summer!

We can’t thank you and Mitchell enough for providing our kids with a happy, safe, nurturing environment where they can grow and be happy. See you summer 2020!”

Jamie, Franklin Lakes, NJ

“Many people only write letters when they have something to complain about. I love to write letters to compliment people and companies that are doing an outstanding job at what they do. Under your guidance and direction, with the assistance of your many dedicated employees, you make SLDC the place to be.

Last year was my granddaughter’s 1st summer. Her counselors were terrific and encouraged her to try new activities and foods. She had a blast, and was very sad when camp was over and that she had to wait so long to return. How happy she was when we started countdown to the 2019’s 1st day of camp. She is having a fabulous summer. With the gentle guidance and encouragement of her counselor, she is getting closer to experimenting with new activities.

This past Wednesday was visiting day for the Pearls and the Owls. What I saw was dedication to the well being of the children, making sure there was fun happening. Counselors as well as staff were visible and available. While sitting at the craft time, a few parents started to speak with each other. Some of the children came from Manhattan, others locally. The common theme of the conversations was how pleased they were that their child/children had an opportunity to attend SLDC.

We were all amazed how efficient and coordinated the visit was. It was made to look seamless and done with ease – you accomplished that. But, we all knew it takes a team, a dedicated team and much planning. Not only did the children enjoy showing off their skills, the parents enjoyed watching them show their achievements.

I along with many of the parents were impressed by your life guard staff. The great ratio of campers to guards, the encouragement of the guards to the children, the success in their achievements, and the happiness in the children as well as the life guards when the children reach a new level.

I said last year when I met you all that Spring Lake Day Camp is a sleepaway camp without the sleepaway. Continue to do what you are doing, because you certainly know what you are doing. Kudos to one and all for making Spring Lake Day Camp the place to be.”

Janice (Camper’s Grandma)

“We wanted to thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts for the AWESOME and AMAZING summer that you provided for Esther. From soup to nuts, to the moon and back and around again, there isn’t ONE single detail of the summer that wasn’t taken care of. We lived vicariously through Esther every day and were jealous of all of the fun that she had. From my own personal experience as a camper, I know the self-confidence and warm memories that will stay with her for the rest of her life from this experience and, hopefully, lifelong friends as well. Additionally, we are so thrilled that she finally learned to swim and gained confidence with and around the water. She began the summer not being a swimmer at all and is now a Level 2 swimmer. We are very proud and grateful. Minnie is our hero! We understand the hard work and dedication that you and your entire staff put into making the summer so incredible. We look forward to seeing you next year! The countdown begins until the bus picks Esther up next summer! Thank you so so so much!”

The Gabay Family, Fair Lawn, NJ

“This is just a quick note to thank you both for Channing’s great summer at camp. It was his first summer attending SLDC and he had an absolute blast. He was crying a week before the last week in anticipation of it all being over. I was not sure how he was going to respond to summer camp, but this clearly exceeded our expectations. I asked Channing whether he would be going back to SLDC next summer and he replied, ‘I’m going back EVERY summer!’ I think that says it all.Many thanks again and all the best to you and your family. Please also extend our thanks to the camp staff!”

Safiyah and Robert, Upper Montclair, NJ

“We are so grateful for the fun, love and adventure given to Lawler this summer! He loved going to camp each day and made some wonderful friends! He is already talking about next summer and cannot wait to be back! Our little boy was so well taken care of and we could not have been happier! Thank you for making this summer the best of his life so far!”

Julie and Thor, Fair Lawn, NJ

“Michelle, I just wanted to let you know you how unbelievably appreciative I am to you and Mitchell. We just happened to randomly come across your camp and what a wonderful decision we made. At the time, the girls and I were going a lot of uncertainty and fear. You gave them the love, happiness, calm and the ‘escape’ that they so desperately needed. For that I will forever be grateful! Our experience has been beyond my wildest imagination and words cannot describe how thankful I am.

You have a very special place in Spring Lake Day Camp and I’m not sure what our future holds, but one thing I know for sure is that we will be hard pressed to find another SLDC!”

Andy, New York City

“SLDC is truly the best! The entire staff is caring and nurturing for our children, while letting them experience new things on their own. The instruction is top rate. We cannot say enough about the level of expertise, especially in the swim program!

From your first meeting with Michelle, Mitchell and Arlene and all the wonderful people at the camp you truly feel like part of the SLDC family. When moving to Bergen County, it was never a question of “which camp” it was a question of “what age” should our children start!

We are proud parents of 2 very happy Junior Campers! SLDC is not just your summer camp, it is a year round experience in which reminiscing about summer fun and friendships happens daily (including breaking out into Cheer and Color War songs), and of course having a countdown to the next Summer occurs!

Thank you SPRING LAKE DAY CAMP – for taking such safe and wonderful care of our children from the minute they get on the bus to the moment they return home. Thank you for the amazing experience and thank you for being there for us!”

Stacy, Wyckoff, NJ
(Happy SLDC Parent and can’t wait to return!)

“Spring Lake and your team has been one of the best, smartest and most successful decisions we have made for the kids. It is the easiest 8 weeks we have all year as parents and probably the best my kids have also.”

Amy and Rob, New York City

“Spring Lake Day Camp was an amazing experience for my kids. My kids came home every day with big smiles on their faces and singing new camp songs. They were in the best mood for the entire summer. They could not wait to get on the bus each morning and literally cried on the last day.”

Lisa, New York City

“Thank you again for taking the time to take my mom and me on a personal tour of the facilities at Spring Lake. Looking back on my camping years, I don’t recall any day camp being THAT AMAZING! We truly were astonished to see what a beautiful, creative and exciting camp is in our hometown of Ringwood; it’s the best kept secret. We would definitely love to enlist our children in the day camp. Again, thank you for your time and also for allowing us to peek in on your camp family. It filled me with camp memories, ones that as you know -will last a lifetime.”

Melissa, Ringwood, NJ

“This will be Jordyn’s third summer at SLDC, starting camp when she entered kindergarten. We remember how nervous and excited we were for Jordyn that first summer but our nerves quickly went away when we saw how happy she was every day when she came home from camp. A reassuring phone call from the group leader helped ease our minds too! Jordyn quickly adapted to camp life with all of the activities, including swimming, dance, arts, go carts, basketball, science and her favorite activity, gymnastics. She loves trying everything at SLDC!! Not only does SLDC give Jordyn an opportunity to try new things but she has made so many new friends too. In our opinion we think it is the counselors and staff that make SLDC so special. They are warm and genuinely caring. At six years old Jordyn is already aspiring to be a camp counselor at SLDC, and as parents we can actually see this in her future!”

Shari and Billy, Oakland, NJ