Children’s Day Camp Benefits

September 28, 2016

Not many parent’s realize the benefits that day camp can have on their children. Read on as Spring Lake presents the top benefits of day camp.

  1. Learn Social Skills: While attending day camp kids are forced to step away from technology such as cell phones, computers and television; and instead they have to learn how to communicate, share, and work together with other campers.
  2. Gain Independence: Summer day camp is an opportunity for kids to start gaining independence since they won’t have their parents or teachers guiding them through each decision they make. Even though at camp there is some structure, camps offer downtime where the kids choose activities they want to partake in or who they want to be friends with. By making some of their own decisions, kids will be able to blossom and find themselves.
  3. Try New Things: When your child goes to summer camp they might be introduced to new activities that they wouldn’t otherwise be exposed to. This will allow children to explore what they like and do not like. If a child decides to try something new and they succeed at it, they may gain confidence in themselves and be open to try more activities that they haven’t done before such as archery, martial arts, hockey, and many others.
  4. Physical Activity: Today, most kids spend their time inside on cell phones, computers, or watching television. At camp, kids will be constantly moving whether it’s running, jumping, swimming, or hiking. They will also be spending a great amount of time outside and this will allow them to connect with nature as well as other kids.

At Spring Lake Day Camp we believe that it is our mission to develop leadership and communication skills in our campers, enhance self-confidence, and expose the campers to an outdoor learning environment. We offer many activities such as sports, visual & performing arts, outdoor adventure and science & ecology. Here at Spring Lake Day Camp we are committed to providing a beneficial and positive summer camp experience for every child.