Livingston NJ Summer Day Camp

If you’re located in Livingston, NJ and need a summer day camp for your children please consider Spring Lake Day Camp!

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Our summer day camp services offer a great, safe, and fun way for your child to socialize, make friends, build new skills, and get exercise for both the mind and the body.

At Spring Lake Day Camp, located just miles from Livingston NJ, we have created a fun & friendly environment for kids of all ages.

Goal for our campers:

  • Enhance self-confidence, develop leadership skills, and instill positive socialization
  • Provide them with the opportunity for personal growth
  • Make new friends
  • To have fun!

Our staff members are mature, professional, and dedicated individuals who lead the campers in expanding their recreational abilities and meeting new challenges. To read more about us please click here.

To accommodate campers, Spring Lake Day Camp provides transportation options to campers from around New Jersey upon request. If you are from Livingston, NJ, transportation options come with:

  • Door-to-door transportation
  • Pick up and drop off options
  • Professional bus drivers
  • Assigned councilors to every bus
  • Air-conditioned buses

Join us this summer!

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