SLDC Aquatics

A Swim Camp within a Camp

Swimming at SLDC is the cornerstone of our daily program for all of our campers. Learning how to swim and swim well is a life skill that we should all know how to do. We consider ourselves to be a “Swim Camp within a Camp“, offering swim two of the seven periods daily to full day campers and one swim daily for our half-day campers. SLDC understands the importance of offering a state of the art swim facility in order to offer our campers a top quality, progressive swim program. Our 40,000 square foot heated pool complex is perfectly designed for every camper and every swim level, from those who are just getting comfortable putting their faces in the water to those who have developed the skills and endurance to be part of a swim team. It is our goal to teach every camper how to swim with confidence, and to continuously progress and reach new levels of performance according to American Red Cross standards.

We are fortunate to have highly skilled and experienced Aquatics Directors supervising our aquatics staff and overseeing all aspects of our swim and boating programs: Stephanie Baer and Ginny Harrison, Directors of Mid and Upper Camp Aquatics; and Sheri Taback, Director of Junior Camp Aquatics. With the combination of outstanding supervision and well trained aquatics staff to oversee our pool complex and lake, we ensure quality water safety as well as a very low camper to instructor ratio per swim instruction group.

Daily swim instruction is offered in small swim groups in age appropriate pool areas, which promote personalized instruction, encouragement and ongoing skills assessments. Campers are evaluated on their first day of camp and placed into swim groups according to comfort and ability. They progress to the next level of the American Red Cross Learn-to-Swim Program once they complete the skills necessary for each swim level. Our pools are designed with water depths to accommodate all swim levels, from shallow to deep water swim. Our youngest campers can always feel safe, standing in the water while having swim lessons! Offering 25 meter pools, we are also able to train and improve the endurance for our high group level swimmers and our swim team! Parents receive swim reports every two weeks so they are apprised of their camper’s progress in the water, but can always call at any time during the summer for an update.

It is during their afternoon free swim that our campers get to enjoy water play with friends, practice their skills, play games and participate in our amazing choice of pools, slides and Wibit inflatable obstacle course. All campers are required to swim within an arms’ length of their buddy, with buddy checks being done several times during the free swim period. Campers who pass our deep water challenge are identified and can choose to swim in the several deep water areas of our pool complex.

SLDC also has our own natural 5 acre spring fed lake where campers can experience a wide range of lake-related activities, including boating, fishing and zipping over the lake. Our lake staff helps campers put on life jackets and instruct them how to safely and effectively utilize the different boating apparatuses. Campers are supervised by the lake staff while they enjoy our new bumper boats area, as well as our paddle boats, kayaks, corcls, paddle boarding, canoes, surf bikes, and even the fountain sprays fun in the lake.

SLDC is an authorized provider for the American Red Cross, following the American Camp Association and American Red Cross Learn-to-Swim Safety Swim Program as our guide for swim levels and skills assessment. Our facility offers lifeguard certification classes as well as staff training and orientation before the camp season so that our camp may recruit and hire over 50 highly trained and certified lifeguards and instructors.

Our Aquatics Directors are always available for questions and concerns to discuss campers’ swim progress at 973-831-9000 or at We look forward to all of our campers having a wonderful summer!

Meet the Aquatic Directors

Sheri Taback - Junior Camp Aquatics Director
Sheri Taback – Junior Camp Aquatics Director
Sheri joined our Spring Lake team in 2004 as a Junior Pool lifeguard and swim instructor. After spending five years in the water, Sheri took her talents to the land as a Girls’ Camp Division Leader but returned to the pools in 2012 as the Junior Camp Aquatics Director. Sheri has her B.A. in Business Management and Marketing from Cornell University and is a Red Cross certified lifeguard and Water Safety Instructor. Sheri brings all of her knowledge and experience to our Aquatics team. Having been a camper for her entire childhood, Sheri feels lucky to still be one in her adulthood.
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FUN FACT: Sheri and her dog, Bella, volunteer together at local hospitals, nursing homes and libraries to bring warmth and comfort to the NJ community.

Stephanie Baer - Mid and Upper Camp Aquatics Director
Stephanie Baer – Mid and Upper Camp Aquatics Director
Stephanie joined our SLDC family in 2009 as our Athletics Supervisor but, with her extensive aquatics background with the American Red Cross, she was a natural choice to be our Mid and Upper Camp Aquatics Director, a position she has held since 2011. In addition to overseeing instructional swim and the safety at our pools, she also runs our successful American Red Cross Babysitting Basics course which so many of our oldest campers love! Stephanie has a B.S. in Physical Education from Hunter College and an M.A. in Athletic Administration from Columbia University. She has been teaching Elementary Physical Education in Teaneck since 1992 and coaches varsity level tennis, bowling and swimming. Stephanie finds all of her work with children at school and at camp extremely rewarding.

FUN FACT: Stephanie’s 2020 Teaneck Varsity Bowling Team won the NJ State Championship!