Thank you for your interest in being a part of our SLDC staff!

Spring Lake Day Camp, the finest summer day camp in North Jersey, has been providing children with extraordinary and memorable summers since 1989! We are not just a special place for children, we are the summer home for our staff who returns year after year to be a part of our camp family, and create rewarding experiences for themselves and our campers. Our staff members are mature, dedicated and passionate individuals who are positive role models and mentors for our campers.


When you are hired as a member of our SLDC team, in ANY capacity and position, you are expected to exemplify several core values — enthusiasm; a strong sense of responsibility; initiative; professionalism; and respect for the camp, its rules and regulations, campers, and administration. Staff members are comprised of former campers, college students, educators, specialists and lifeguards who love children and camp. They play a pivotal role in shaping our campers’ “being”, who they are and what they will enjoy and accomplish. They specialize in nurturing the intellectual, social and emotional lives of our young children and early adolescents, expanding their abilities and building their character and self-confidence.

SLDC has always had an outstanding reputation in the community and camping industry. The personal and professional benefits for our staff are many and should never be underestimated! We are a great field experience for future employment and career paths, a place where you will experience hands-on personal and professional experience working with children ages 3-15. You will learn crucial life skills including team work, cooperation, and leadership.

As a counselor in each camp — Junior Camp, Girls Camp and Boys Camp — supervision and mentorship is provided by a strong director and several Group Leaders who are always available to offer guidance. Our specialists receive the same support and leadership by the specialty areas’ directors. Job performance reviews are done a minimum of twice per summer season orally as well as written, to offer constructive comments and criticism. Of course, we look forward to our staff returning each summer as stronger and more confident individuals and leaders, who can then serve to be mentors for our new staff!

Dear Michelle,

Not even 48 hours has passed since I left camp and already I am missing it!

With my 9th year in the books at Spring Lake, fourth as a counselor, I wanted to let both you and Mitch know how grateful I am for the opportunity to work at the best camp. Through my years as a camper, I made friendships with people that are some of my closest friends to date, which is truly amazing to see and reflect on. Additionally, SLDC helped me continue to build on my leadership skills and provided me with valuable lessons on youth development that I know will be beneficial down the road when I have children of my own.

“Friendships that last a lifetime”, “There’s no place I’d rather be.” While some just look at these as camp slogans and themes, I can proudly say that Spring Lake DOES provide lifelong friendships and there really is no place I’d rather be. Thank you again to you and Mitchell for allowing me to be a part of such an amazing family. Please extend a big thank you as well to Steve and Mike for being such great role models and support for me throughout my years working with them. I look forward to ALWAYS being a part of the Spring Lake/Fountain Springs family.

David, Wayne NJ

Staff members at SLDC

Camp Dates

All staff members must be available for the 38 days of camp, Thursday June 27th through Wednesday August 21st. (Camp is closed on Thursday July 4th and Friday July 5th.) Each staff member is required to attend several camp orientation days held shortly before the start date of camp, which are tailored to prepare them for the upcoming summer. Lifeguards have an additional orientation and training day regarding swim instruction and guarding responsibilities. References are required for all new staff. Background checks are performed annually for every staff member.

Staff members at SLDC

A Typical Day

Our campers’ day begins the minute they get on the camp bus in the morning and ends when they are safely brought back home. There is never enough song, energy and spirit at SLDC! Our staff members who come by car and are not on a bus are required to arrive at camp before 8:30am and leave after our busses depart at approximately 4:15pm.

Morning meetings for counselors, lifeguards and specialists are at 8:30am every morning, and campers begin to arrive by 8:50am. Each camp — Junior Camp, Girls Camp, Boys Camp — holds a morning line up to get staff and campers ready for the day. Each seven period day is comprised of two swim periods, lunch, and a mixture of sports and arts, as well as an option period that is selected by our older campers based on their special interests. Each camp holds an afternoon line up at the end of the day, and gets ready for camper departure at 4:00pm.

Staff members at SLDC


It takes a dedicated staff, willing to go above and beyond each day for every camper to make the best summer ever! They are the inspirational and spirited big brothers and sisters, the role models to their campers. Counselors typically work as a team with two other co-counselors, with a group of 12-15 children depending on the age of the group. They are responsible for the daily needs and safety of the group. Counselors will follow their group’s schedule and participate, motivate, and make each camper feel comfortable and confident. In addition to making a connection to and getting to know each camper, our counselors help their campers make friends, actively participate in all activities and specialty areas, and work co-operatively with their co-workers and supervisors.

Specialists and lifeguards prepare creative and exciting lesson plans/activities for their specialty area and are a vital part of our SLDC team during special event days. Specialists will have the cooperation and assistance of counselors from every group during their activity to support and inspire their campers. Our certified lifeguards not only guard our pool complex but are trained to teach our campers to become excellent and confident swimmers, using the American Red Cross standards and swim levels.

Staff members at SLDC

How do I get started?

Working with children is a privilege and our camp is the perfect place for our staff to learn and grow as individuals and professionals. If you would like to make a positive difference in a child’s life, simply click here to apply online. In addition to required references and reference checks, Spring Lake Day Camp will perform a national criminal background and sex offender check on all staff. If you have any questions, please call 973-831-9000 or contact us via email at staff@springlakedaycamp.com. We look forward to working with you in the future and having your join our SLDC team!