Arts at SLDC

Spring Lake Day Camp offers a wide variety of age-appropriate, technique-specific specialties such as drawing, painting, ceramics, jewelry making, fibercrafts, along with general arts and crafts activities. Our program fosters self-esteem, respect for others and an appreciation of the arts with an exciting variety of sensory experiences. Our expansive art facilities include our mirrored Dance Studio, our Jr. Camp and Upper Camp Ceramics studios, Trading Post pavilions, our beautiful amphitheatre for shows as well as our Jr. Camp Art Shop and Upper Camp Fine Arts outdoor studio.

For the younger campers, our Art Shop, Trading Post pavilion and Clay Zone provide a foundation for our Junior Campers to experience different art materials and media, and explore their own creativity while learning about color, texture, shape and form. Using a wide range of materials such as papers, glues, paints, wood, clay and more, our campers are proud of their own individual finished products.

Our older campers in Boys’ Camp and Girls’ Camp look forward to our Ceramics Pottery Studio, Fine Arts and Trading Post Pavilions which offer them a more advanced array of art experiences and tools using clay, recycled materials, batik, tie dye, paper mache, paints, wood, collage, metal works, leather stamping, mosaics, water colors, glass bead making, glass fusing and so much more. Our expert staff emphasizes the importance of introducing our campers to the materials, techniques, concepts and processes essential to understanding and appreciating the visual arts while continuing to develop their skills. This encourages them to become more comfortable with their creativity and their own individual styles. And did we mention that these activities are just simply a lot of fun for all of our campers? YES they are!!!